Humans are not from Earth

My review of
Humans are Not from Earth
A scientific evaluation of the evidence for and
(mostly) against man’s evolution on Planet Earth
By Ellis Silver PhDsun

A few years ago I walked across a carpark which was evenly divided by the deep shade of an Ash tree and blinding white of sunshine. I dared a friend to walk in the glare of the UV. For the hell of it we walked up the dividing line – our left in shade, right in the sun – a slowly but visibly moving shadow. We commented on how bizarre it was that we humans scrabble around on the planet’s surface, exposed to that dangerous ball in the sky. We cannot look directly at the sun without hurting ourselves – although with papillary light reflex our pupils constrict in bright light, continued staring at the sun will damage the retina. We get fatal skin cancer too, but then we need sunlight to generate vitamin D and regulate calcium rhythms. It’s amazing that we are ‘allowed’ to wander around in the full glare of that death star. My friend and I discussed that perhaps humans should be living underground and that although the ozone layer gives helpful protection against the worst of the UV that it’s healthier, in some but SADder [sic] ways to live under permanent cloud. Knowing that some animals also get skin cancer – such as shorn sheep, pigs and deer – it never occurred to me that perhaps humans developed on a planet with less dangerous orbs and we were ‘seeded’ here maybe 200,000 years ago.
This book makes us consider that option. It offers other circumstantial evidence including the way other animals more successfully use the Earth’s magnetic field to not get lost. Actually more dogs and cats get lost than the author thinks – just look at the cards in the newsagent window. In general humans don’t enjoy the natural foods available on Earth and have to process them by cooking to make it palatable. There’s other ‘evidence’ too relating to diseases, our stature and more.
Fascinating reading even if you don’t agree totally with the evidence or the conclusions. Humans are not from Earth is a fun, easy read that will make you laugh and think in equal measure.

Humans are not frohumansnotfromearthm Earth is published by Ideas4writers

buy it for about the price of a beer from or – or any of the other Amazons.]

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10 Responses to “Humans are not from Earth”

  1. Kenneth Littley Says:

    Unfortunately, I live in Western Canada and can’t find a copy of the book – which I’d like very much. and are apparently not selling it.

  2. geoffnelder Says:

    Hi Kenneth, It is showing up on Kindle for at
    Try that link and if it still doesn’t work out for you let me know and I’ll put you in email touch with the publisher, who is a friend of mine – and he’ll sell you a mobi or pdf copy.

    • Kenneth Littley Says:

      Geoff; apologies for the delay in replying. I have communicated with and they know virtually nothing of the book, except that it is not presently available here in N. America. I don’t want the kindle version; I’m a “solid book” person and love the feel of turning pages. I’m also extremely interested in the subject of the book. I’ll pick up a copy of Aria from

  3. geoffnelder Says:

    Hi Kenneth, I understand about enjoying the ‘feel’ of a paper print book and maybe they’ll be a possiblilty of that for Humans Are Not from Earth. In the meantime I’ll pass your email address and query to Dave Haslett of Idieas4Wrtiers who is the publisher.

  4. rob johnson Says:

    the so-called “doctor”, Ellis Silver PhD, neither lists his PhD institution, the institution employing him, or the institution funding his research”. He has no webpage, blog page, Linked In profile, or academic listing. Anywhere. it’s probably a pen name. it’s definitely a hoax and a lie, written like a mediocre high school assignment.

    His book review was, however, featured on extremist right-wing conspiracy site, Prison Planet dot com, so … well, that’s something at least.

  5. geoffnelder Says:

    Rob, I am surprised you are surprised that the author might have used a pen name. I am taking his book as a conversation piece, an essay, if you will, rather than rigorous research. It has generated thousands of comments in various forums, so in that sense it has stimulated thinking of who we are and where we came from even if the truth is not necessarily in Ellis’s book.
    Thanks for your comment.

  6. Sabriel Says:


    I’m trying to locate where I can buy this as a real book or as PDF (so I can print it and there by make it as a book myself).
    It’s for a gift to a person why isn’t fond of reading books on a screen, so I really hope someone can help me find it :)

    • Dave Haslett Says:

      Hi Sabriel, we have made this book exclusive to Amazon so we can use their Select programme to promote it. Unfortunately this means it is only available on Kindle. However, if you purchase a copy of the Kindle version and forward your Amazon receipt to we will send you a copy of the PDF version free of charge.

      If you don’t have a Kindle reader you will need to install the free Kindle app on your computer, phone or tablet, so that Amazon has somewhere to send the book. Instructions on how to do this are on the book’s Amazon page – usually just below the “Buy Now” button.

      Kind regards, Dave Haslett, ideas4writers [publisher]

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