Twitter ye may

Cycled past this red box.

Cycled past this red box.

On twitter you are only permitted to use 140 characters per tweet. This is a challenge but fun to force yourself to encapsulate your message. Lately, I’ve been enticing my twitter family into considering the purchase of my Alien Trilogy. Of course too much advertising puts some people off, especially those who think twitter users should only be comparing the weather or what they’d eaten for lunch. Even so I take the risk and post perhaps a dozen tweets a day. The other challenge is that you are not allowed to use the same tweet more than once a day. I’m not very good at using hash tags and you’ll see most of the links are in shortened form although they still work. I’ve had positive responses from these tweets although I await the mad rush in sales to take place.
I’m told that will happen as a result of word of mouth. What does that mean!

If you are on twitter or are going to be and would like to follow me then I am @geoffnelder – otherwise

Example tweets from the last two weeks

Cycled past a telephone box yesterday in Hatton, UK. I screeched to a halt cos it was full of books! Next time it will have one of mine 🙂

Word of mouth – do you have this skill? If so please word that ARIA is the most unusual gem!

Review from Emma Lee. A few plot and character misconstrues but essentially good

ARIA won an award, is endorsed by Mike Resnick, has a genuinely original idea and now listed on Ralan

“Jack, you’re not one of these damn zombies, are you?” Details on my blog along with Amazon links.

“To escape ARIA London is not far enough, Mike, not nearly far enough.”

Excerpt from ARIA. cumulus clouds changed shape as if they tried to emulate the sheep below seeking greener grass.

Coping with ARIA – Looking up at a lodgepole pine, Manuel wondered if trees had memory.

He peered into the darkness beyond the first few trees, looking for bears watching him.

They wondered how it was that the most vital information needed to survive occupied only half of a piece of paper.

Hey, our notes and newspaper clippings aren’t going to help much when we forget how to read.
Famous Circus entertainer @MartinLamberti on ARIA “humor delightful, and drama suspenseful.” 5* review #Kindle at

2nd vol of my amnesia trilogy is out NOW! I’m sure I’ve forgotten this before. See trailer on why ARIA is unique at

Forgetting the charms of the past is the worst aspect of amnesia. What if it is infectious? Aargh. Peek if you dare at

“My shadow is warmer than me!” Quote from ARIA. 5* review #Kindle at

With infectious amnesia you can say to your friends, “Haven’t we forgotten this before?” 5* ARIA #Kindle

Someone asked – yeay! So I can say that my thrillers, science fiction and humour are in my amazon author’s page at

“If only I was as smart as I need to be” Manuel in ARIA. Kindle at more details at

“Did we sleep together last night?”
“We’ve forgotten this before.” Kindle at details at

“If you like your scifi offbeat, original, and backed by science, you’re going to love ARIA.” Kenyon Charboneaux

ARIA: Returning Left Luggage
The sequel!! Are you still here?

How is a weed a character in ARIA 2? Has infectious amnesia burnt itself out? Sequel launched on D-Day!

Sequel to ARIA launched #GRT So exhilarating Lets Party
Publisher’s site

You get to meet the aliens in ARIA 2, and see how infectious amnesia survivors cope. Details at


If you like me I’ll like you!

Have you heard? The most thought-provoking yet adventurous viral novel I’ve read since The Andromeda Strain. details

“I wish I’d thought of infectious amnesia first, you jammy b*gger,” Michael Crichton might have said. details
“Where the Andromeda Strain meets Memento,” Sonny Whitelaw. details
So gravity made me fall down? says my 4-yr-old grandson. That, I say, and not looking where you were going.
Cross bindweed with alien hallucinogens and what do you get? Find out in ARIA: Returning Left Luggage. details
The first novel written using infectious amnesia? Get it quick before you forget it! details
Life’s too short to take seriously – GBS So grab a copy of ARIA before it’s too late. details
The setting for ARIA: Left Luggage is a secret but real valley. Explore it in details

Memories are made of this… but which ones are the most crucial when our amnesia is infectious?
What happens on the flight when one passenger has amnesia then all of them, and the flight crew? #Kindle at

One death is tragic, a million deaths a statistic, six billion deaths careless. ARIA: Left Luggage . #Kindle at

Andre Gide said that thoughts are like flowers, those picked in the mornings stay freshest longest.

Hands up if you’ve discovered some of your own writing and think it’s too good for you to have written. See my hand is waving.

‘When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear…’ MT. Doesn’t happen with infectious amnesia in ARIA

This way beyond my Ken, and Barbie & all my action figures. – Lorne in Angel – because he hadn’t read ARIA

“Listen to them. Children of the night.
What music they make.” Dracula
Vampires are nothing compared to the ARIA virus. Be prepared.

“My days of taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.” Mal in Firefly
– Still makes me laugh. And you?

Congrats team, you’re a bunch of tight little nits. Ah, I mean a tightly knit bunch.
– My first scripted joke from when I was 12.

“Jack’s memory is eroded daily. To have his amnesia as infectious treats us to dire consequences & a unique story”.

“Imagine if you lost your memory. Everyone else did too. An alien virus is destroying the past, one mind at a time.” @allanguthrie on ARIA
In ARIA memory shudders then evaporates backwards. Everyone gets it except the isolated few.
Some grief, some joy. Memories are made of this.
But what when memories start to… what’s the word?

“She has a word for us: it’s called yesterday.” Farscape.
A warning for us all? Be aware of ARIA – so forgetful

Usually it is the elderly caught out by amnesia, but in Award-winning ARIA the young get it too. Equal apocalypse for all.

Like your science fiction original, witty and unusual? Then consider the ARIA trilogy details

“Plans are pointless. Staying alive’s as good as it gets,” 28-Days Later
Might’ve been describing ARIA more details at

You know the story. Girl meets boy. Girl modifies his subroutines – Janeway in StarTrek Voyager

Voted best SF novel 2012 ARIA on #Kindle at more details at
A cheeky account behind ARIA revealed in Upcoming4me magazine – whoop! #GRT

“Jack, you’re not one of these damn zombies, are you?” Details on my blog along with Amazon links.

Inspirational blog on Malta as a writer reads

May’s double whammy and Andy Bigwood’s art at

“To escape ARIA London is not far enough, Mike, not nearly far enough.”

My author page at Amazon is buzzing

Is it good in Goodreads? Tis with ARIA – take a peep

I like it, and so can you if an e-hug is for you at

Surviving ARIA They wondered how it was that the most vital information needed to survive occupied only half of a piece of paper.

Wigan ate my sweets. Cheeky lot in a good cause

Ira Nayman at #Goodreads ARIA – a smart, entertaining gem. #Kindle at details

Twitter ye may blog about twitter – is that allowed without being recursive? Umm. via @geoffnelder
This tweet refers back to this actual blog post. So it is a self-referential recursive tweet – erm blog post – and tweet. Help!

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  1. Gladys Hobson Says:

    I like the telephone box of books. Communication indeed. I’m not much of a twitterer. That is obvious by my lack of tweets.

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