Escape Velocity: The Anthology

The anthology of best and new stories submitted to Adventure Books of Seattle’s Escape Velocity magazine is nearing fruition. Last night I finished proofreading 35 stories for the anthology. Not all will be used in it because some are now rather dated and we want the publication to excite readers with its brilliance. Names you might know that are in it are in random order:

Rebecca Latyntseva, Ian Whates, Rosie Oliver, Robert Harkess, William C McCall, Clyde Andrews, Gayle Applegate, David Tallerman, Brian Koscienski and Chris Pisano, Mark Lewis, Gareth D Jones, Joshua Blanc, Gavin J Carr, David Wallace Fleming, Karl Bunker, Sheila Crosby, Ben Bamber, Branden Johnson, Barbara Krasnoff, Ian Smith, Tina M Crone, Bec Zugor, Barry Pomeroy, Lawrence Buentello, Richard Jay Goldstein, Paul Freeman, Adam Colston, Kaolin Fire, Derek Rutherford, and a couple of stories from me and Robert Blevins. Hopefully, we can squeeze in a cartoon by Roberta Gregory too.

We have March 17th as a release date. That may be optimistic but best to have goals. The stories range from edgy noir near future, to struggling on a space rock, weird stuff in future in-ear audio devices to how can a child-bride save herself, both from a violent husband and the psychiatrist. I am exuberant over this anthology. It’s taken a lot of time and work – the nearest an editor gets to giving birth – in a literary sense!

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9 Responses to “Escape Velocity: The Anthology”

  1. Creeping closer and closer « Robert Harkess Says:

    […] Good news from Adventure books of Seattle. Seems the Escape Velocity anthology is getting ever nearer(with a contribution from yours truly). Co-editor Geoff Nelder has more about it in his blog The specific entry is here […]

  2. Bec Says:

    Thanks for all your (and Robert’s) hard work. Not long to go now…

  3. Gladys Hobson Says:

    I hope the pleasure of the ‘birth’ is pain free!
    Best of luck with the Anthology

  4. Tina M Crone Says:

    Thanks, Jeff. Can’t wait to see it. I assume the Tina M Crowe is me? Ooops! (It’s really spelled Crone, honest)

  5. Tina M Crone Says:

    That was meant to read Geoff. My apologies.

  6. Dorothy Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the anthology in print (even though it looks like my story didn’t make the cut).

  7. Geoff Nelder Says:

    Sorry about that, Dorothy. Your Outside the Grid piece did stand out. Almost a poem. One giant leap for Roverkind. We already had at least three stories in from EV issue 4. So many excellent grade tales we have in those EV issues.
    All the best with your wriitng future.

  8. Barry Says:

    I am very happy with what you did with Escape Velocity. Thanks for the hard work and the dedication to the craft.

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